I'm selling an old bass and getting about 350$ for it. I want to get a decent LP. Now I found this great deal on CL for a Epi LP custom with a repaired neck. It was repaired by a liuthier. Should I buy it or get a used Epi standard or a agile or something.
man, people can say everything nice about the repaired necks and how solid they are
but personally, i'd never buy a repair-neck les paul.... especially if it was one of those that had snapped headstock
yeah it looks like it was the headstock but a price like 250 is just irresistible and it comes with dimarzios pickups installed and originals on the sides.
well i'm pretty sure he fixed it so that it's useable
but i would PERSONALLY never buy one of those
Buying guitars online is very risky, but you could come away with a major bargain. It also helps to know the brand of neck, some are very cheaply built. But to me it sounds okay.
it is the same neck and everything the headstock broke off and its all local so I can check it out before buying. any tips what to look for other than if the necks strait
Agiles rawk dude, keep that in mind when playing on a guitar thats already been in an accident. *Think about it like buying a car*
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