This is the first solo I've ever written all the way through. It's a little bit sloppy on the recording but i think it's good enough (I did it when i was bored =P). Tell me what you think about the solo and how i can improve as a player! thanks

www.myspace.com/brianxascendancy In my player named "Dark Saint Solo" (couldn't think of any other names =/)

EDIT: .zip now has .gp4 file type also.
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omg i really liked it. the acoustic backing, the drums in the ending, but especially that feeling the solo itself gives... it kinda reminded me to metallica's fade to black. i say it's a great job.
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actually, the drums at the ending i put there because i was thinking of adding more (guitar would kick in again or something...) I forgot it was still there hahaha
Just got the GP4, thanks

Seems a bit the the metallica-influenced alter bridge/dream theater

pretty good, but i would probably alt-pick the speed runs intead of playing the legato
I think I did alt pic them in the recording, but i just put it as legato in the tab, not sure why, haha

I have a Q tho: In the gp5 file/lead track/11th bar, why does the 12 on the G-string not play??? Or is this only happening on my comp?
Real good, over too fast though, but hey, quality is better than quantity!
Cool Solo. What scale did you use?
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It was quite good for an opening to a solo, but it needs MORE!

It needs to continue, have contrasting sections, maybe build on what youve done or maybe try something new, y'know, make it so it feels like it's going somewhere

Also try being more experimental with the tonality rather then just using A natural minor - Try A harmonic minor / double harmonic / G# superlocrian / other stuff - you think of it


i really liked it , the backing is really nice , but in my opinion you could go a lot longer , theres a lot of space to develop from the last note on ... , the picking intro is really good , especially the change on the g , with the chords i would maybe develop them a bit adding a strum rhytm if you mak it longer even get them distorted , the drums are very standard , i like the triplets the solo it self is quite good , although in my opinon as said before it's a bit to short , maybe you could extend it and change the key in the sacond part or something like this, i don't really know what to write about the solo , i mean it is ok , but it doesn't really touch me to me honest , it'S nothing very special but it's definitly not bad...

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Thx in advance Greymane
Really nice solo, have you got a normal TAB? (Not guitar pro)
Sweet tone you're getting!
sounds really good!
I'd join in the choir that it's over too soon, on the other hand it's good that it doesn't overstay its welcome. I can easily see this taking of in several directions, like as an intro for a harder edged metal song ala Cemetary Gates or the various Metallica songs that feature the 'acoustic intro+solo' formula. Or if you were to elaborate and make a less metal-focused guitar instrumental, could also work. Like I said, lots of possibilites, and it would be a shame if this little ditty didn't get the chance to shine in a larger song context. If you, however, were to use this as an intro, I'd just slightly retool the dynamics curve, in that I'd throttle back on too much shredding at first and develop some more introspective melodies at first - it's all about the buildup.
As far as note choice and other theoretical background is concerned, you seem to know what you're doing, so I'm confident in that it will turn out great, whatever final form it takes. You could, of course, expand the harmonic progression by bringing in more chords later on. Also, I'd rather play the Amadd9 in the open position (x02410), sounds lovely on a twelvestring, and those full barre background chords could be trimmed down to just the top 3 strings, would help with the clarity of the mix (additionally, they'd also sound lovely as a keypad/string/choir backing)

Bonus props for the good recording. Don't mind that it's muddy in some places, there's great tone and it's good to be able to play what you compose (such end up usually being better compositions than mindless shred in GP anyway). Keep it up!