Hey peoples, this is really stupid question and i know ill get flamed, but...
i can read all the tabs on here and i write my own bass stuff sometimes, but (yes im this stupid) in the tabs from the guitar world magazines, what does the thing mean when its like ( but going up? :P i know its retarded, but im "musically retarded" i guess but still ive only been playing for 3 months and am self taught. does the sign mean a bend, or a hammeron?(im looking at the bassline for 18 and life by skid row in one of the mags now) thanks and sorry for dumbassness
Haha man, don't worry about it, I was like that when I started too.

If it's the sign I'm thinking of, it's a bend.
If its tabbed in a magazine the there should be a number above it if its a bend. If there isn't then my guess is that the sign you're describing means hammer on.
lol i mean like ( turned up so its pointing up :P

and thanks for the answer i understand it now :P
no a hammer on is facing down.

it means the note is tied. so it continues until it tells you to stop (or something like that, i suck at english and explaining haha)
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usually when you're reading a tab there will be a key at the top and it will say like

P=pull off


so check the tab and it should tell you whether it means bend or not, and by 'going up symbol' do you mean ^ that?
Yeah, check the front/back pages of the magazine as there are usually keys somewhere in them.

If you mean it goes --5)-- with the symbol starting about half way up the note then it will be a bend, if there's a rainbow linking the tops of something like --5h7-- or --5-7-- then it is most likely a hammer on.

Look for a key though or post up a little scan so we can see what you mean.
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