Not that it matters, but the song is First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes.

There are three really interesting chords in one part of the song:

x03230 ( D minor sus 2?)

then slide the shape up to x06560

and add the C to the high e x6568

What could the names of these chords be?
Your first chord would be classed as a Dmin add9 (2nd Inversion)

Not sus2, because sus, implies your shifting (suspending) the 3rd usually either down to a 2nd, or up to a 4th.

As for th second chord

Amin/Maj7b13 (I would say, dont take what I say as a bible though, cause its not)

Than the last chord

Fmin (1st Inversion)

As far as a progression goes.

I would say the chords are from A Harmonic Minor, (some pro will probaby come in there, and tell you Im wrong)

Dminadd9 (2nd Inversion) iv

Amin/Maj7b13 i

Fmin (1st Inversion) vi

A B C D E F G# A

A iv - i - vi in A Harmonic Minor.

Not all the chords are formed Diatonically however.

A chord based of F In A Harmonic Minor (formed Diatonically) would be a Major.

But instead of forming it F - A - C the usual way.

The Tonic (A) and the 7th, this being a Harmonic Minor scale, are only a half-step away, so this means we have a option of using the Nat 7th from the scale, (a Augmented 2nd (minor 3rd) from F) or the A which is a major 3rd from F)

Instead of forming it Diatonically with the F - A - C

They have decided to use the nat 7th instead making it a Minor Triad.

Guitarfreak777: From what I can see, that link didnt really help him, because:

1# It told him shapes for certain chords, not how to identify the ones he had.

If you want some good advice, go read the theory sticky.

Hopefully this has answered some questions.
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