Well, went to the local GC tonight and they are running a special on a Schecter Stilleto 4 string bass!!! They currently have it for 299.99 on sale!!!!! Its perfect, isnt a blem item or anything. I almost have myself talked into buying it, SSSOOO close!!! Should I do it guys, or just continue learning on my Ibanez???
I like Warwicks
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ive had the custom 4 for about 4 years and i think it is the greatest bass ever
warwicks are SICK, i played a couple of them tonight and they feel unreal in the hand, but im not shelling out 800-1200 on a bass. Cant afford it. I think ill snag this one up if I can tomorrow night.
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I like Warwicks

That bass sounds warwickish to me.
Get it imo.
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going to go back in and see if its still on sale tomorrow, and if it is chances are the wife will let me get it :-) But she wants me to sell the ibanez GSR200FM that I just picked up. Which is fine, as the schecter feels much better in my hand anyhow.
well, went back tonight and it was sold :-( Oh well, ill keep looking. They did have another schecter there for 299 on sale but it wasnt the one I wanted. Oh well.
Ended up picking up a Peavey Cirrus BXP for 299.99... Let me tell yah what, this bass seems to be an incredible value. Flawless finish and the thing sounds so good. Neck feels good and the thing doesnt buzz at all, even with me being such a new player. LOVE the active pickups in it also, its insane the difference between active and passive, wow. Anyhow Ill post up some pics of it here in awhile, man it looks nice :-)
Good for you, I've always had a thing for peaveys. Never got my hands on one though...
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