Heres a little background information to let you guys know where im at. Ive been working on my chops and technique for like 2.5 - 3 years now and i can play all kinds of sweeps and speed picking and string skipping ect, licks and I am taking a step toward getting better by learning a full instrumental shred type song. I wondering how long it takes to learn an actual instrumental song lol. Ive never tried to learn a full instrumental song, normally if i hear a cool lick, ill just slow it down and learn it but i've never tried to figure out a whole shred song. Ive been working on flight of icarus by andy james for like 3 days now and im not even half done lol. My question is:

Does it take everyone else just as long to learn these kind of songs or am I just slow? lol, and if anyone could give me any tips on learning full instrumental solo songs that would be awesome
it depends on your time, your concentration and your ability...
it takes time though lol
It takes me forever to figure songs...
it took me hours to figure out Ten words by Satch... and its not even fast....
Nah, you're not slow. But, to answer your question, it varies hugely. For example, there is a you tube video of a guy playing a pretty tight cover of No Boundaries, and he says in the info that he worked on it for 2 years. I'm sure he didn't work on only it for 2 years (I would go insane playing nothing but NB for 2 years), but as an extreme case that's how long someone could work on something.
The number one determining factor is whether you already have the chops to play it. If a song involves a technique that you are not sufficiently strong at (for example, maybe having to add 20 bpm to your alt picking speed, whatever the case may be), then you can be looking at some serious time. If you already have the chops, then it will be a lot less since most of the time is just learning the material, and maybe woodshedding on a couple of tricky parts.
Depends on how long the song is and the complexity.

Also how much you practice is a factor.