hey guys, was just thinking.. with all the info that is out htere to practice, what has been the most effective way of practicing/advancing skills that has helped you out hte most. scales, playing with songs, learning theory? im curious as to how everyone else practices and what they practice. im always lookin for new ideas as well. thanks!!
Jam with friends. Experience is better than practice in my opinion.
And it's fun as long as they don't suck...
Jamming with friends, guitar teachers, or just to your ipod/CDs.

I used to be able to play the notes to some songs, but suck ass with the beats unless i actually played along with the songs. And now, i've got the songs down like the back of my hand!
I try to practice several areas at a time. I mix it up though, kinda like a weight lifter alternates their routine through-out the week. One day I might practice, scales and theory. The next day, ear-training and transcribing. The next...I might just jam over backing tracks. That way I don't get bored with the same old thing over and over.

Think about some things that you would like to be able to do. Maybe sweep picking or alt picking, or legato. Then find some info on the subject and practice it.

Picking out or transcribing songs is a great way to practice! I work really hard to get the songs correct. I always learn something new or valuable when I do this, and it really helps develop my ear!
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Jamming with others is very important as this helps you put all the stuff you learn into real proper practice. Also whenever you have an instrument out, the metronome should be out with it. Also practice with the end goal in sight
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im curious as to how everyone else practices and what they practice. im always lookin for new ideas as well. thanks!!

I have a daily practice regimen that last about 3 hours with metronome. The exercises are segmented into:

1) Scales and Modes (70 positions, Guitar Grimoire Reference)

2) 7th Arpeggios (45 positions, Artful Arpeggios by Don Mock)

3) Chromatics (Guitar Fitness Book by Josquin DePress)

4) Cycle of 5ths

5) Alternate Picking/Reverse Picking exercises (John Petrucci Rock Disciple)

6) Chord Inversions

7) Sight Reading (Real Book Edition 5)

8) Sweep Picking triads

9) Improvisation over a sequencer

10) Live online jam at MSC.
Playing with a teacher that had a background in Jazz made me the musician I am today.
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playing along to a song/ watching videos of the pro's doing it at there concerts
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