So what do u think are the greatest battle scenes? Heres my top 3

#3 Opening seen in gladiator


Or the whole of 300, not sure

#2 Battle of gaugamela



Even though the movie wasent that good, this is an awesome seen. (the guy with one eye and the beard is awesome!)

#LOTR ROTK Battle of Minas-Tirith and the Pelenor fields



Love the movies and the books (which are fer better i know), but the movies still did a good job. Love at the start of the video the whole orc army chanting and the drummer trolls. And the second when Rohan comes is awesome. Who dosent like seeing orcs get slauthered!

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Battle of Sterling Bridge in Braveheart

since im scottish..DEATH TO THE ANGLES!

also the private ryan intro and gladiator intro

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And lets try to keep it about battles scenes (army's) not fighting scenes.
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