I'm not really sure if I'm in the write place for this, but I have written a song's lyrics now and I'm trying to figure out how to write a guitar part.

I'm using an acoustic guitar for this and I want to use chords for my song, but I don't really know how to put them together. Can anyone help with this?
I suggest you use simple chord. thre are alot of songs that only have three chords. i suggest using the G-C and Em those are very simple chord and also the first chords i learned hope it works out
learn (or look at) the circle of fifths and work out a nice chord progression.

for my first songs, most of what i did was trial and error, eg i want a chord here, higher than that one, lower, happier.
you don't say if you already have a melody for the lyrics? purists would say write the melody first (forget about chords and harmonies til later). Think of all the best known, enduring tunes (Somewhere over the rainbow, Yellow rose of Texas, Danny Boy) - they can all stand on their own feet without any accompanyment. If you can master this you've taken the first steps on the road to success...

In the meantime i'd say experiment with chord progressions, look for unusual chord shapes (dim, aug etc) and regular chords but on different places on the fretboard. Learn one new chord every day.

Also try experimenting chord shapes with de-tuning. Search out Joni Mitchell's guitar de-tunings on the net ( had them before but lost the link) - there is an absolute wealth of tunings that open up endless possibilities - sure your playing essentially the same chords but the de tuning adds something special and will invariably inspire new ideas

but beware if the melody is not the driving force the sonority of detuning tends towards monotony so i come back to my original point - pay attention to the melody - make it interesting, strong, distinctive and not just an afterthought