Rotting eyes and faces staring through the gaps in the barricade,
The dead are rising again, from thier graves they walk,
To search for life in a dead world,
To eat the living, once more.

Hunting for prey,
In thier graves they won't lay,

Clawing through the window,
Pale blue skin, and empty eyes,

Moaning for more,
Shambling across the land,

Millions of souls on the edge,
They only hold onto the ledge.

Searching for flesh,
Drinking Blood,

Burning flesh,
Strange lesions,
The dead have risen again.
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Yeah. I wasnt that impressed with this to be honest

Hunting for prey,
In thier graves they won't lay,

That part especially, kindof made me cringe.
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Can't say I'm terribly impressed either. To be honest, this is rather dull. There's no real feel of anything in these lyrics. Who knows, maybe combined with a good song these lyrics might have some impact, but on their own, they're just boring.