Projected of course but I think it's a safe bet. It's the result I was predicting the whole time. Liberals weren't going to get back in but Tory support isn't strong enough to gain a clear majority.
I agree completely.
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i'm not very happy with the results, but am glad that (so far, it seems) conservatives haven't gotten the majority

/most answers you'll get here
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I voted Conservative. I think they're the best suited for the economic shit storm that has already started. Although, none of the parties really appeal to me.
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i felt so unimformed. all the political platforms were kind of lacking. i should of voted marxist...lol
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Is the conservative party in canada anything like the republican party here?
um no repubilcans like raise tax i think the conservatives lower taxes
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um no repubilcans like raise tax i think the conservatives lower taxes

actually, republicans are traditionally known for reducing taxes and smaller government. However, as the past eight years have shown, that isn't always true.