I want to put a humbucker in my telecaster, but I don't know what kind.... I really don't even know where to start. I just need some recommendations for good humbuckers....... I mostly play punk if that helps.
The P-Rails from duncan look awesome. They are three pick ups in one: a duncan hot rails combined with a true P-90 that when used together give you a true humbucker. That way you can keep the two single coil sound, gain the humbucker sound, and the P-90 is an AMAZING ballzy bonus. You might need to put in a five way switch to maximize your pickup combination options, but details details. I've never tried these pups, but they look amazing, and all the reviews I read are stellar. I think they go for about $89, and I really want to buy a tele and put one or two of these in it.
I use a Roland Cube 15x amp (lame I know.... I need to save up for something bigger) and I'm not too concerned about budget for the pickup.... I would rather get the best I can the first time. thanks
Honestly, a new amp would make a bigger change in your sound. But if you have no budget, I say get boutique pickups. Voodoo, Vintage Vibe, BG pups, Rio Grande. Or get some custom wound from Corduroy_EW (I think that's it).