I know there is a drug thread, but I sort of needs answers for piece of mind, and it wasn't happening in there.

So, I was put on Conditional Discharge last month for smoking (really don't want to get into it). After court, I smoked on and off for about 2 weeks, until I got a call about my first drug test. I really regret smoking, but since that call Ive been "clean" for 2 weeks. Anyway, I've been doing some research, and Ive been working on passing the test. Anyway, the method for passing has required me to start taking creatine, and diluting the day of the test (tomorrow). Anyway, I took a home test yesterday, and I tested negative. One line was very thick, and the other wasn't as thick, but according to the test book, still good for a negative result. My question is, do you think I should still dilute as planned, or not dilute as much, or not at all. I don't want the test to come up as negative dilute, but then again, the creatine I've been taking should prevent that. But, since I did good on the home test, I'm not sure.
Keep doing it.
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Just go get the shit at gnc its called like detox or something...works wonders
I never liked the creatine method. I keep it old school and just constantly drink water and piss my fuckin brains out
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Just go get the shit at gnc its called like detox or something...works wonders


But it's like $50...

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Hahaha, working hard on passing the drug test, that sounded funny.

working. not so much "hard"

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But it's like $50...

yea. expensive, and not even guaranteed. The supplements I have aquired were free.99. The only thing I bought was a gallon of Gatorade at 4 bucks
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Take some niacin the night before. the pills i use are 1250% the daily value and i take 5... Seriously, and just drink shit tons of water

i dunno man. i took some a week ago, and it makes my skin very flush. I've heard of people going to the hospital for taking too much.
My friend smoked the day before a drug test and passed by binging on water the entire day. You could have drank his piss it was so clear.
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