Hey guys, would it be worth it to risk $155 plus $40 shipping on a Laney Pro Tube 30 combo from a guy on ebay with only 20 feedbacks but 100%. His feedback is as a buyer and it has spanned across a long period of time so I am inclined to say he isn't a scammer. He also resonded to some questions others had to ask so it seems legit.

Am I just paranoid or do I have a somewhat legitimate concern? Thanks!
If it sounds legit then go for it. I'd be a little wary with the little feedback, but I figure most people aren't really scammers, probably just doesn't sell a lot of crap.
That's a tough one there, man. No prior sales. You never know. I'd probably roll the dice & buy it, but I can afford to lose $200 if I got a bad beat on it. If it took you 6 months to save up the money, I'd be careful, & look for sellers w/ more positive selling feedback. I'd probably be more skeptical if he was selling a Dual Recto or something for $1000 as his first sale on ebay. Pretty sweet deal if it's real on the old Laney.
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^Not 6 months, but I am only making 7 bucks an hour for 20 hours a week.Subtract gas and insurance money and girlfriend money and that leaves me with not much.

I figure he is someone that bought stuff for a few years, just not very often. I'll probably pull the trigger if I can get my parents to paypal it. Man, I hate having to get their approval for online purchases.