I've recently stopped going to my third guitar teacher. All of these teachers have at first tried teaching me songs, reluctantly tried to show me some theory, then relapsed into teaching me songs. I figured that I don't need to spend 15 dollars for a half hour of someone showing me to play a song when I can either figure it out by ear or use a site like this one.

So, UG! I need your recommendations for things to practice or work on to make me an all-around better player/musician.

I know (I've been playing for 1 1/2 years)-

-Major and minor scale (how they work and the CAGED system)
-Various songs in different styles (rock, metal, indie etc)
-A small amount of jazz
-All the notes on the 6th 5th and 4th strings
-How to sweep (not very fast)

if this needs to be moved to musician's talk, sorry.
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You know a good amount of theory, and a fair amount of songs. Now I'm no guitar teacher, but to me, what makes any music interesting is the musical side of it, not the technical. I feel that these days, too many guitarists are working on their "5 string sweeps," and not thinking about what they can do to make music speak.

So what I suggest is to get some sort of program that lets you set up a backing track for bass, guitar and drums. A good background chord progression to start with would be the 12-bar blues, seeing as you already know the pentatonic scale. Play along with the backing track, and listen to your ideas? What sounds good? What notes seem to fit the best during that chord? If possible, maybe even find a way to record yourself improvising these solos and listen to them. Evaluate yourself honestly! If you like what you hear, great! If you don't, think about what could help make it better.