This is from my myspace, Corey is my best friend. Just a little input on it.

So I was playing guitar with Corey today. All day. He wrote a song for his chick on the year anniversary (happy anniversary, faggots (ily)) and will play it on the 16th. So I lent him a guitar.

We tuned one to sludge and I took it and played with it and I got a really kick ass sound. A really REALLY kick ass sound, and we wrote a song with it. Here's the cool part! I told Corey outside as I was taking him home and my nextdoor neighbor, who always has shitloads of people at his house, heard me talking about the song. He told me to play the part and really dug it. He fucking offered us to use his home studio to record!

This is awesome, today was so long, and sucked so bad but that just made it worth while. Holy crap.


So pit, should I go for it? I'm really excited about it and would love to do this. Opinions?
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sure, its just a home studio. it will probably be good practice for the guy recording so he can get better at it, and its free tunage for you.
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yeah def i dont see why you shouldnt as long as you know that your neighbor has good intentions that i guess your fine
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sure, its just a home studio. it will probably be good practice for the guy recording so he can get better at it, and its free tunage for you.

This. He will probably learn a lot more than you will.

Take a shot at it, it's free, nothing can happen. Recording is a great experience.
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go for it, but make sure you cover your ass beforehand so he doesnt sell it or something without you getting a cut.

EDIT: record the song on a boom box or something, then mail it to yourself in a sealed envelope for proff that you had it before.
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