My birthday is close, and I have saved some money and my parents are willing to give me some more to get some things I want.

One of the things I went after was a new amp. I booked a 50w Valvetronix, which I tried and I'm very pleased with. I also bought a Vox Wah pedal with my money, and I have stumbled upon some cash I forgot in my wallet, so I was thinking of buying a pair of Seymour Duncans for my Epi Les Paul.

I've listened to some of the SD's pickup clips, and I liked the Alnico PRO II the most, but I know that this pickup relies a lot on the amp, and I wanted to know if I would get the raw, crunchy sound of the Alnico with this Vox amp I'd be getting.

I also hear a lot of people say that the Alnico Pro is a low output pickup, when it's really a mid output pickup. What's up with this?

I'm also considering a Pearly Gates, or a Custom SD, but I'm open for suggestions.

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I'd definitely recommend the Alnico IIs. Slash uses them, and he gets a pretty high gain tone out of them, no?

As for the amp, I have one. You just gotta find a sweet spot and it's sick. I've had a lot of luck using a Wylde Overdrive into a just crunchy channel for a really tight sound.
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i wouldn't do anything with pickups until you get your amp situation squared away.

what is your budget for a new amp (total) and which Valvetronix did you try? People, myself included, say to stear clear of the XL series.

also what is your closest major city and do you gig or jam with a drummer?

BTW - they are probably considered mid-gain by SD because of the output range, but in the grand scheme of things they may be considered low-gain by some that use Active pups vs Alnico - for example.
The Vox amp has a wide range of tones, I'd definitely buy it.
I have and Epi LP and I put the Nickel Plated set with a JB in the bridge and a Jazz in the neck and that JB will get pretty raw. For a while I played on my Vox Valvetronix amp and you have to tweak them a lot but they are really nice once you find that "sweet spot"

I'd say your idea with the amp and the pickups is just find and with a nice OD pedal I'm sure you can get that raw tone.
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No, this amp is not the XL version, it's a normal 50w.

My Budget for the amp is from 500-800 bucks. And I'm wondering if anyone here has an audio clip with any SD through this Valvetronix.

I do have a band, jam with 'em, and usually gig, but not with my own amps for now.

I do not live near a major city unfortunately, but there are plenty independent music shops over here.