Okay, the title may be a little misleading. It's my first tab, period; it just happens to be hard rock. The lead guitar and pre-chorus riff were written for a different song but I thought it fit better with another set of lyrics I wrote so I changed a few things and dropped the third guitar. I mainly write lyrics and don't have much knowledge of music theory.

I know I'm new and haven't contributed anything to the board, but like I said: I don't know much about music. I appreciate the help if anybody is willing to give it. All feedback is welcome.

36 seconds in and you've heard all the riffs except the bridge which is just the rhythm guitar played on the timpani, so nothing different.

EDIT: When I changed the song from one set of lyrics to another, I made some note changes and there may be some conflict throughout the song. I'm too lazy at the moment to check.
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The slides sound pretty out of place.
Drums wern't too bad.
But it sounded like loads of different riffs played along with each other.

So my main advice, kill the sliding, it doesn't sound good.

But otherwise, not bad for a first.

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