Say if I have a wah readily available, I would have no need for an envelope filter, correct?
Wah is controlled by the action of your foot on the potentiometer - envelope filter is controlled by playing dynamics. They are not the same, as for need, it's a personal thing.
Kirk Hammett would dissagree with you. They're not vastly expensive mate, and they can get you some awesome sounds without you having to think about your wah. i say pick a cheap one up
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I use both, they have a simmilar sound usually, but they are different, a wah is used more for adding expressiveness to the sound, whereas the envelope filter makes a more mechanic sound. Some people either use one or the other, some use both, some use neither, what you need is up to you.
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Ok, thank you for helping me justify plans to buy a DOD FX25 EV ,when i already have Budda Wah .