im getting an rp 150 or an rp 250 and just want to ask if they are worth my money. i heard that digital effects arent that good and that multi effects are worse than single effects.any help
The thing about fx's is you get what you pay for. For $150 the RP 250 wouldn't be bad, but there is much better out there. Unfortunately quality means higher price. If you want a bunch of fx's at a lower cost they can be good. It would cost me better then $2000 to replace my POD with all the stuff I use in it so for now i'm fine with the POD.
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multi effects most of the time aren't as good as the actual pedal they try and emulate. but its not terrible usually.

i have an rp250. at first when i got it, i kind of regretted it cause i didn't really use it. but then i started to tweak around with it, and i use about 4 effects on it at once. (distortion, noise gate, pickup type, wah). now, i like it and if i ever lost it, i would probably buy another, or buy the individual pedals that i was using the emulations of (which would cost drastically more). BUT if you DO know exactly what pedals you want, say a metal muff, a NS-2, and a cry baby, it would be stupid to buy something like this.

its good to buy one if you dont know exactly what kind of pedals you want, so you can basically try out a whole bunch with the rp250, then once you are rich and famous, buy all the real pedals.

ps: if there's something specific about that rp250 you wanna know, just ask me cause ive got one