So I set up my FX loop tonight thru the back of my amp, not just guitar to pedals, and everything was going great, then when I switched to my distortion it sounded very muddy, and my noise gate (Boss NS-2) was reducing anything. Help?
Try changing the order of the effects - some sound terrible in the loop, if your distortion is in the loop then I believe you'll have the preamp distortion battling with the pedal and giving you mud. The noise gate is moved around according to preference - mix and match.
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Put your modulation pedals (phaser, flanger, delays etc.) in the loop - others like distortion, OD's, EQ's and noise gate go before the amp.
What amp are you using? I'm just asking because I'm experiencing EXACTLY the same problem with my VK when I throw my EQ in the loop.
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THE IDEA of using an fx loop is to have your effects pedals work with the creamy goodness of a pre-amp tubes warmness.

instead of the low wave worm of a guitar you get the nice and wavy form of a tube getting passed into the effects pedals, which warms things up quite nicely.

HOWEVER, do not place anything in the fx loop that you wouldn't put AFTER a distortion pedal.

Things like delay work fine because delay 9 times out of 10 is used (and sounds good) after or with distortion, not the other way around (delayed sound into distortion is crap). However you wouldn't really put a wah in there. And even a phaser sometimes won't sound good.