Yo, well me and a friend are about to play a set coming up on Nov 5. It's just us 2 on acoustic guitars opening a show for a very popular local band. We have around 30 - 45 min and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good setlist. Basically the songs we've come up with have such a diverse musical style that I'm not sure if it's all gonna' go together and work out well. Here's what we're working with, and these are not in the order we would play them, just an informal list.

Pride and Joy - SRV -- blues rock
Two Coins - Dispatch -- laidback acoustic
Original song that's got a western swing motif
Original song that kind of goes through the G-C-D motions
Possibly hey joe or hear my train a comin' - jimi -- blues rock

There's obviously more we're gonna' work with but we're still coming up with shit, so this isn't it. But, do you think these will work well together in an acoustic set?
if no ones ever heard you then you might wanna cut out the originals but thats basically up to you. But id sit and listen to what you got, it should be fine as long as you have the right kinda of music for the venue your playing
Hmm, the western I kind of want to keep just because I think it builds up tension and can get a crowd into the music. I've played it in front of people and they really like it and start dancing with it cause it's a pretty heavy swing. Any suggestions for songs?

rockin in the free world is always a good one that everyone knows and likes

ill try to think of some more but thats all i got right now, its too late and i have a midterm tomm.
Will those songs fill a 30 - 45 minute set?
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No, but I'm making sure that they're compatible with each other. I'm gonna' be doing the set by myself so now I have a lot more leeway with what I want to play as opposed to what WE want to play. I can basically drop the two coins and the GCD original and then focus more on a blues rock gone acoustic kind of act. Which is what I want to do, with more emphasis on my originals.

I'm looking at getting 6-7 songs in there that focus on my ability to songwrite and entertain a crowd. I got this gig by e-mailing a member of a local band that is opening up a record label. I asked him about recording cost/time for a demo and I guess he heard my music and offered me the chance to open for them. Out of the songs he heard, only one would have been a cover so I've got a feeling he his looking for more original talent than a tired cover band that people expect to hear. So I think I'm gonna' break the mold on this one and try to get people to groove to my music and impress this band enough to get some free recording time out of it haha.