What should i learn first? I've been messing around with an old guitar for 2 years and thought it was kind of fun. Now i want to learn to play harder songs coz i don't wanna be stuck playing the same stuff over and over. I posted another thread and i didn't describe my situation properly so it got closed(I read it back to myself before and realised how much of an a** i sounded). I haven't learnt anything/very much yet so could you help me out on what i should start on? The harder songs i wanna play are Metallica, Slipknot.

P.S also i was asked this alot on the closed thread I wasn't forced to play, I play because IMO, guitar is fun. I just want to play more songs that i like. Some of which are fast and complicated and includes things i don't understand how to do.

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if you want to learn your fav songs by ear, then you'll have to learn the basic theory elements...scales, arpeggios etc y'know..
and if you dont want to learn them by ear, then guitar pro all the way..

give a little bit of more info about yourself.....it would then be easier for us to help you..
Yea guitarpro is very helpfull^. Theres lessons on youtube and on this site if you come across techniques that you dont understand. You would have to be more specific if you want a more specific answer. If you want to learn songs you like I suggest you pick one and start learning it. For whom the bell tolls is the easiet metallica song ive played so far. Also Enter Sandman was pritty easy. Hope this helps somewhat.
You really have to ask youself, "what do I like to listen to?" and "what do I want to be able to play/compose?", and then make your choices from there.

Your most valuable all round skills - keeping solid time, staying relatively clean as regards technique, and a strong awareness of music theory.

You don't have to know all this modal madskillz, but you do have to be able to play in key all round the neck. Apart from that, asking those two questions will give you direction, and then you can work on specific issues that you discover from working towards that.