I made a guitar for my School Certificate, but i have one problem. It goes head down if you know what i mean.
I need the body heavier. Would it be easier to change the position of the strap buttons?

The body is similar to pine, so it is very light.

I'll take some pictures, when I take the guitar home, its due this friday. What sort of weights?
Anything heavy? A big chunk of (insulated) metal would do it.

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Pics would be cool, block nylon has a weight to it, easy to cut and won't interfere with your electrics in anyway so check that out.

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If I Changed the position of the strap buttons, would I lower them? Would this even it out more?
raise the end one (nearest to the bridge)...

i'm not sure what shape your body is, so i won't say to move the upper one.

i'd say if you could move your strap button that's closest to your right hand up about... a half inch above the cernter line (or the corner-like extrusion), you might balance out nicely.

I think raising the rear strap button a bit should do it and maybe put the front button a bit under the curve of the horn and it should sit better. nice!