I am selling my 84' marshall jcm 800 head. Its a loud and roaring 100 watts.

When I recieved this amp it had a few mods but they have since been removed. Cosmetically the amp is in pretty decent condition. Mechanically, the amp works flawlessly. I just had my amp technician go over the amp and retube it. It has JJ KT88's in the power section and Tungsol's in the preamp section. This thing has tons of raw power and very good tone.

With the amp I will include an extra matching tungsol preamp tube, the old tubes it came with (still good), the old mod parts, and a receipt of what my tech did to it. I Love this amp but its time to move on to something else and sadly I can't afford both . The pictures are on my photobucket page which is HERE:


I prolly won't answer anyone until early afternoon tomorrow (classes) so don't get upset if I do not answer you back within the hour. Cheers!
yeah I guess I should add a price lol. FREE!!! just kidding $1200 is my asking given the condition, the overhaul, the new tubes ect ect. not taking any trades right now unless it is something insanely interesting. cheers
bump and I forgot to add that its $1200 shipped. I hate not being able to edit things on here.
99 views and nothing? really? ok how about $1100 shipped. If you live in the Buffalo, NY area its $1050 delivered. I might take a partial trade also but it would have to be like $800 + trade. cheers
you see nice used ones for cheaper all around even on this forum so you might want to lower that price if you want to get some bites
well when searching I found one for 500 pounds which is rougly 900 but it was a 89' 2210, a less sought after model. Plus I just had this thing serviced (recapped, retubed ect) which was about a $300 job. Also these things go for $1200-1300 around me o well I guess I'll just try my luck on CL thanx for the input tho