What's overall better, the Ibanez RG1570 or the PRS Paul Allender SE? Has anyone played either one? Which one is better?
I'll be changing the pickups on either one.
Played both, I liked the PRS a whole lot better, but then again I'm inherently biased against Ibanez RGs due to thier shitty super thin necks.
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Paul Allender SE. It's a great guitar.

(I hate the RGs. I love the SAs though)
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Ibanez S-Series, thats all i gota say...
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I'd take a PRS over and ibanez any day. The necks are wonderful to play, and the paul allendar model just looks sexy.
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Ibanez SZ 520, my man.

It's like a monster PRS / Ibanez hybrid.

How do I know this? I own one, and I wanted a PRS more than anything, but love Ibanez.

Trust me.
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Props to BreakingBnj as the SZ is an immense guitar... until mine got nicked!

PRS SE's do represent good value for money but to be honest get an Ibanez S or SA if you budget is only upto $450 or £400 (I'm guessing here)

The only SE I would ever consider buying (and I say this as the owner of a McCarty) is a Marc Tremonti, but then I'm biased towards that guitar because i think it's awesome.
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my budget is $1700 AUS, and i need a guitar with a tremolo not a fixed bridge so the sz520 wnt work lol. but im willing to settle for a fender like bridge like on the PRS.
You just compared an RG1570 with an SE Paul Allender.Wtf?Obviously,go for the RG.
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It all depends on what you are playing and what you want the tremolo for. Talking about the trem, if you want to do more crazy things with it you need to go for the Ibanez because the Floyd Rose is much more versatile than the tremolo bar on the PRS.

I would go for the RG because I have two fixed bridge guitars and It would be nice to have one with a trem to do some of the whammy tricks, but try both on a local store, play the music you are going to play with them and take your good time to decide.
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The PRS is much more sexy, but the Ibanez is a better guitar in most ways.

I'd go for the PRS
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As said above - S series Ibanez FTW. Best of both worlds.

S470 (or S570, or S670) or go for the prestige.
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