Afternoon all,

I'm looking to splash out on an electro-acoustic that'll hopefully last me a while. I reckon I've narrowed it down to 3:

Fender Kingman SCE
Yamaha CPX700
Takamine EG360SC

All get good reviews wherever I look so I was hoping some of you lot can give me a nudge in the right direction


Yamaha. They are great. But I cant decide for you. Go out and try them.

I play a Fender DG-4ce Ac/E and its pretty nice, it looks ever so sexy too
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I'm with that guy on the Yamaha front. ^ But try them out, see what you like best, the Takamine isn't a bad guitar either.
I own a CPX700 and i love it!
Have had no problems with it so far and its nice to play. Sounds great too (especially when it's plugged in!).
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