First of all, I'm sorry if this is placed in the wrong subforum.

Here's my question: I play the classic guitar for a few years, and since a few weeks I bought a JD LS Special. My problem is: how does those controls on the guitar work, I know something about them, but it's kinda strange.

There is a 3 Way Toggle SW, it can be changed from a clear sound, to a not so clear (or how do you say it) sound.
There are also 4 controls.
The 2 upper controls are for the volume, but it depends on the 3 way toggle: if the 3 Way Toggle is switched to the left, you have to use the right upper control to adjust the volume; if the 3 Way Toggle is switched to the right, you have to use the left upper control; if the 3 Way Toggle is switched to the middle, you have to use both upper controls. This is kinda strange.
The 2 lower controls are for the sound but i dont really know what they are for.

The problem is:
  • What do the 2 lower controls do?
  • Why are the 2 upper controls arranged so strange?

Thank you for reading
ok... in stuff worth knowing mate... the three way switch on your less paul is alot simpler tan it seems... all it does is turn your pickups on and off... when the switch is on rhythm your neck pickup is the only one that is switched on. as the string tension is not as high here as it is at the bridge, you get more tone in your sound. when the switch is on treble, you only have the bridge pickup switched on. as the strngs have a higher tension here, you get a more twangy sound, with less tone... the middle switch possition is just both pickups.

now your other nobs n shit... this is again linked to your switch and your pickups. for each pickup you have a volume control and a tone control. if you then have one pickup switched off, only two of those nobs are going o d anything as two are conected to a pickup that isnt on. im not sure what way around the switches are on your guitar as the way youve described it there set up differently to my les paul...

in all honesty though, knowing this isnt realy all that important... the most important thing would be to fiddle around with all the different switches in different possitions and just listening to it and working out what it is you like and makeing sure you get the best sound that you can out of your guitar!

i hope this is of some use to you m8, enjoy
wow! thanks for the reply!
it helped me a lot, i'll try some of this
Kinda what munchy said, but he worded differently than I would've.
The 3 way switch is the pickup selector.
If you flick it to the setting closest to your body ("Rhythm"), the tone will be coming solely from the neck pickup, which is the warmest and the deepest. Sounds great for smooth solos and clean tones.
The middle setting will be playing a mix of the two pickups. This often sounds...well, like a mix of both pickups
It's good for light, crunchy rhythms, and slightly twangy solos.
The final position ("Treble"), is just the bridge pickup by itself. The bridge pickup is the one people use the most in rock/metal etc. It has the clearest tone, and is often the "hottest" of the pickups (basically has the highest output, which means it'll get a more distorted tone).
Great for everything, really.

The 4 knobs...
Two of them are tone knobs, two of them are volume.
If the guitar is sitting on your lap in the playing position, the Volume and Tone knobs for the bridge pickup will be the one closest to the input jack, and the knob that is horizontally next to it.
One will change the volume, one will make it sound like all the treble has been sucked from your guitar.
The other two do the same, but for the neck pickup.
They can be used for whatever the hell you want. They don't HAVE to be used though...some people just leave them as is.

Well, I hope this brief explanation helped.
Need any more help, feel free to ask
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