so im looking at some new speakers for my cab i deff want Celestion speakers

i can sit here all day reading about how cool the site says they are but it does me no good without hearing them so if any of you know anything about the following speakers or a cab that already has them so i can try it out

Vintage 30s
G12M 'greenback'
G12 Century
The celestion website has a list of who uses what speakers in their cabs on it somewhere.

EDIT: Vintage 30s are used in loads of cabs, Fender use them if my memory serves.
seems like alot of the artists that are on there use G12T-75's

its flustrating all of them say cose to the same thing tight bottom detailed mids and clear top end

im shure alot of companys put them in their cabs but they dont even call it the same thing
there's always warehouseguitarspeakers.com; they're pretty much the knock off of the celestions, for like... $45 a cone.

check'em out