I am up dateing one of my guitars and one of things I am doing is replacing the pick-ups. I see a lot of adds for copper tape that you line the inside of the cut out with.
Sorry to be thick but why, and should I line the insides of all my guitars ?
To shield the electronics from interference. It might cause some hum.
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it'll shield your guitar from electrical interference, not the 60cycle hum, but it will help (a lot) by cutting down noise from lights, computer/monitor, or whatever

EDIT: but you don't just put copper tape in there, it's more involved. Look up "quieting the beast" on google. just do it.
to prevent buzzing and electrical interference sounds. you can also buy specially designed paint for the same purpose but its REALLY expensive. another method is aluminum ducting tape for hvac. not duck tape but the actual ducting tape available at lowes or homedepot.


if you get self adhesive foil, and overlap it in you guitar pickup cavities, leaving a little to hang over and make contact with a pick guard or input jack screw, you will find 10 mins of taping, will eliminate a ton of clicking and buzzing noise.

if you want to run ground wires to the foil that's fine but not necessary to get benefits from the tape job.

for example,...


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