righto, i know theres a frank zappa glorification thread. and its all very well

BUT! i only have one frank zappa album (apostraphe)
and i was wandering if we could put together a list of the top 10 zappa albums

(because to be honest, i want more... i must have albums to download/buy )

so yea, put in your suggestions for top ten albums and ill put together a list or something.
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Well I'm not a huge Zappa fan (although what I've heard of his is brilliant), but the only album I really know of is Sheik Yerbouti. I have no idea if it's a good album or not, but my old music teacher recommended it so I'm recommending it based on that.
Hope that helped in some way.
There's no such thing as a top ten of Zappa's albums because it really depends on your taste.

If you like Apostrophe I'd recommend checking out:

Over-nite Sensation
One Size Fits All
Roxy And Elsewhere
Zoot Allures
Sheik Yerbouti
Joes Garage
You What You Is
The Man From Utopia
Does Humor Belong In Music?

That would keep you busy for quiet a while. That's what I think you might enjoy based on already being familiar with Apostrophe. My top ten would be different.

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Quote by elliott FTW
righto, i know theres a frank zappa glorification thread. and its all very well
So why not ask your question in there? We also have a recommendation thread at the top of the page, and I'm sure Zappa's in there.

But if you insist, I like:
One Size Fits All
Over-nite Sensation
Roxy and Elsewhere
Sheik Yerbouti
Joe's Garage
Hot Rats
Zoot Allures


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