Hey all, I can read sheet music and play the music on piano and what not, but when I'm learning from sheet music, it seems like it takes forever to sit down and memorize the part with the stuff I already learned.

Like I'll learn one part of the song, then sit down and memorize it, then go to the next part. But doing that alone takes at least an hour, where as with guitar, I look at the tab and sit down and learn the whole song in less than 5 mins ( excluding solo ).

With piano I strictly learn instrumentals where as with guitar I'll learn songs most of the time if I'm not composing. I'm thinking it's because guitar is more about riffs and they continue on, where as with instrumental piano you gotta learn new things constantly.

Any way to maybe speed up my learning time?

Background: I've been playing guitar for almost 3 years and piano for maybe 1 month haha. But I got no problem reading sheet music at all, it's just a long process.
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Takes me a while to read guitar sheet music too, reading sheet music for flute is easy (only treble).

It just comes with practice, give it more than a month!
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