I'm having some problems with the output setting for hardware concerning the GiGa software.

I have a Delta 44 installed, and for some reason it only wishes to read from that, something to where i could only run an extra cable to an amp.

I wish to use just my normal computer speakers, but for som reason it doesnt even recognize them, much less give me the OPTION of looking for them, it just seems to automatically set the hardware ouput settings right at installation and startup of the program.

Anyone know what the deal is, and perhaps even a link that can explain further?

Thx in advance guys, I got all these Vienna strings sound banks, and I'd hate to find out I cant even listen to them when I decide to order a board, without having to also order an additional amp 8*(
You need to have a soundcard with the Giga driver - it's different from a regular driver.

You have 5,000.00 worth of samples and are using a Delta 44?
actually I already knew it to be expensive when I was talking to the store owner about it, he already had the software etc and just lent me the stuff, his store has a humble studio setup in the basement.

I talked to him again and he said that the giga deal has an ap called ReWire? said sequencers like acid or sonar have it as well, and they make the giga slve and output the sound through the sequencers in order to reroute the audio output to your sound card ^_^