Hey the drummer from my band was just in a talent show! I know probably not many people here play drums, but still thought some of you might enjoy watching it. He lost to a poet btw
Talent Show!
hmm.. drummer should have won..
but i didn't heard the poet yet
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Why roll your eyes after the poet?

Because apparently it's more difficult to hit something with sticks than to write words that move and/or inspire people.
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Not enough blastbeats. Not nearly enough.

I agreed


That was pretty awesome
Poetry > Drumming .

Nah, the drumming was pretty good. Honestly, I thought it lacked a certain fluidity. Drum solos need to keep on going, flowing from part to part seamlessly. Don't get me wrong, I'm mightily impressed and could never do anything like your drummer, I just feel it lacked good transition.

I also third the notion of more blastbeats. And cowbell.
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Man that's badass.