I'm Chris and I play guitar in a band called Give Em War!. We're a four-piece band right now (two guitars, bass and drums), ages 17 and 18. The thing is, we need a singer.

We're jsut trying to contribute some good tunes and energy to the scene. We like music, tolerate and crack obscene jokes, enjoy Pee-wee Herman references, etc.... like every band should. Like what you hear? Continue please.

We need a singer. Yes, you read that right: a SINGER. You can scream/growl/squeal/oink/woof/moo/vroom/onomatopoeia? Good for you, but we need a genuinely good singer. This means you can belt out something a cappella (without musical accompaniment) and still sound good. Also, something in the age range of 17-20 would be nice, but hey, we're pretty open about things.

One of the requirements (along with the obvious: talent) is not to be arrogant. If we get that vibe from you, you're automatically a no. Confident? Yes. Thinking you're the next Freddie Mercury? Have fun on America's Got Talent, buddy. We've had to deal with this before, so don't waste our time, por favor.

Potheads/alcoholics need not apply. We don't care if you have a life outside of music, but if it's spending every dime on booze, rock, green, or something, don't talk to us. We don't want Dave Chappelle in the band.

We want to do shows, record a bunch of songs, make connections, eventually tour, and touch people with our music. We have fun with everything we do. We hit the mall or grab a bite after practice, just like any other band.

We have a PA system and mic in the practice place, but we'd . We practice at Evan's, located of off White Bear and County Road C. We practice every Saturdays, with occasional practices during the week. You must have transportation, reliable form of communication (be it a cell phone, AIM, Windows Live, MySpace page, etc.) and awesomeness.

We play original material and a few covers. Influences include: Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica, um...um...well, I can't speak for the full band, but I can say none of us are too much into the hardcore stuff.


Send me an e-mail at chippyguitarist@aol.com

Our MySpace is http://www.myspace.com/giveemwar

No tunes yet (hope to record tonight)

Hope to hear from you!
-Chris and the rest of the band.