I know this isn't strictly a gear ad, but it is a question directly related to the purpose of this forum - buying and selling musical equipment online, so hopefully the mods will give me some leeway in posting here. People in other forums are less likely to know or be concerned with this, after all.

1) When shipping from the UK to other EU countries, what is a normal shipping cost for a guitar + gig bag? Is £160 normal??

2) What are the best companies to use for this? Royal Mail, DHL, or something?
Well, I got the other questions answered elsewhere.

1) Yes, if it's an expensive guitar and fully insured.

2) Parcel2Go and Parcelforce are good options.

Now, I do have another question:

3) When shipping a guitar in a soft case, how do people package the guitar? I've wrapped it in bubble wrap so far, but it seems a bit inadequate.