I know there are probably a million of these. But I can't seem to find the right choice for a practice/bedroom guitar amp in the 10-20 watt range. Even though I play bass in a serious band, i can never just "sit down and practice bass", so i just ended up playing guitar.I've been a closet/bedroom guitarist for a LONG time now, just playing unplugged or through a shitty Danelecto HoneyTone 1 watt belt amp that i 5 fingered off the local town nutcase. I'm ready to get a "real amp", but i don't know a whole lot about guitar amps. It's mostly (i hope) going to have harder forms of rock going through it, but i would really like it to handle Grunge really good and even some Doom metal particularly well, so it has to be somewhat versatile in a "heavy rock" sence.It's gotta have a good od/disto channle too. My budget is not much, so It's gonna be solid state. Nothing to big either.

People have told me to look at the Peavey Rage158, the Line 6 Spider 15watt amoung others. Those names compe up the most though. Where should I look? Thanks.
generally people say avoid spiders...and mg's of course....Roland Cube 20X or a microcube perhaps???
Peavy make some pretty good practice amps, but most on here will tell you a roland microcube or a valvetronix da-5.
apparently UG's only type O-

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vox valvetronix's are good - if that's metal enough for ur style. Find a shop n try stuff out