I thought I'd put this in the metal forum because I'm pretty sure the band I saw was on Headbangers Ball. I can't remember the band name or the song tho. All I remember is the video was really crazy, nothing weird happening in it, just like uh, different areas of the video moving, like the picture was sliced and moving around or something, its hard to explain. And they were only a trio, and all three of them looked to be Asian. There as a chick playing the guitar, and the guy that was singing played the bass too. It seems like he had some crazy guitar that was a double neck, one part was a guitar and one was a bass, I may be completely wrong on that one tho, I can't remember for sure. And I remember that they used Orange Amplifiers. The main thing I remember tho was that they were Asian, and that it was a newer video, so it wasn't like uhh, Loudness or anyone from the 80s. I'd really like to know what the band is, I remember I liked the song a pretty good bit. Any help would be appreciated. One last thing, I could be wrong on this too tho, it seem like they might've had some kinda old skool 70s stoner rock sound, kinda like The Sword. But I could be wrong on that too.
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The way you describe the video makes it sound like the video to Always by Blink 182, i was seriously gonna suggest it was them but then you said Asian, then i re-read it and you also said headbangers ball.
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eeehhhhhhhhhh, Moi-Dix-Mois? L'arc-en-Ciel? Asian Kung-Fu Generation? those are the only asian bands I can think of, though I don't think any one of those has a female member, though it could've just been a really feminine dude, you never know with those asians, and the bands I mentioned certainly have more than three members, so, can't help you there, sorry

if you do find out who they were let me know, sounds like and interesting band
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haha, yeah, definitely not Blink 182. This would be a lot easier if I remembered the band name or even the song. Then I could look it up myself. It was a fairly recent Headbangers Ball too, within the last 2 or 3 months, maybe even less.
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god i used to watch HB religiously but cant remember an asian band ever bein on there
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Probably Boris
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I'm almost certain that the band is Boris. I've seen the video; I don't remember much of it, but it was on Headbanger's Ball and it fit pretty much all of your criteria.
I've only heard a few things from Boris in the past and for the most part I've liked them, but the combination of the guitar tone and vocals made that song absolutely painful to listen to.
Yes! Boris, that's it, thank you very much. I enjoy this for some reason, lol. I think it's pretty awesome.
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