Currently looking for a new guitar after having an epiphone les paul custom for 3 years, looking for an upgrade. currently looking at these choices, they are similar price in AUD so please give some suggestions. I played all 3 and liked them so could not make a choice. So help me :dude
My priorities are tone and looks

I play usually hard rock music (alterbridge, GNR), brits (radiohead muse etc) and lots of blues (gary moore, SRV, zeps and hendrix)
the choices i have are

-Gibson Slash les paul goldtop - 3000 AUD new
-PRS custom 24 tremolo - 2600 AUD used
-Gibson 1958 vos plaintop -3250 AUD

Is there any other recommendations? I want to spend 3200 AUD max if possible. Thanks for the help guys. Rock on!!
I would go for the prs,I dunno nowadays prs makes slightly better (pricier) guitars then gibson.So A used prs would be great.

Just my vision of things
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PRS for me! It'll be a lot more versitile and looks frankly stunning.

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It's not one of your current choices but a PRS Cus 22 would be great for you. That or a McCarty II. I'm not really a Gibson fan so I vote PRSi over them in this case. If your looking to keep the LP shape have you checked out PRS' SC guitars? A SC 245 may also be perfect for you if you want to go that route look and feel wise.
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I would say the gibson man, I mean prs are great guitars and everything, but nothin feels like a gibson. And I really wouldn't go for the slash model, I mean, really just grab a guitar and craft your own music, don't just buy a guitar for the name that's on it, whether it be the manufacturer's name, or an artist's name. Definitely try these out in person before buying one though.
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id go for the R8 if the money isnt an issue

but the PRS is more bang for your buck
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PRS, i own one, and LOVE it. I would never dream of trading and they're such high quality.

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PRS all the way. But I think a Custom 22 would suit you better than a 24. Or a SC or Modern Eagle (the old ones, I still haven't tried the new ones).
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