Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I don't think it has.

WARNING: Possible noob questions ahead

Does the quality of an amplifier affect the quality of the tone you get out of pedals? I'm considering getting a BOSS gt-10 and I was wondering if it would even be worth it to run such a high end piece of equipment through a Roland Cube. I would be using it for mainly effects, but what I'm worried about is how the drive and clean tones would sound through a solid state modeling amp. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Absolutely it does.

The amp is the most important thing in your signal chain. Aside from your fingers, it decides what you sound like the most.

Running a multi effects through a modeler is redundant, and not advisable IMO. A transparent amp would be the best thing for a multi effects pedal.

Personally, I'm not a fan of multi effects, but many people find them to be especially useful. It all depends on your budget and your style.
I agree - I wouldn't run pedals thu a Cube. If your not satisfied with your tone then change your amp or your fingers.

That GT-10 is pretty expensive right? We'll help you find a new amp if you like and the right pedal. What kind of effects are you wanting?
I'm actually very satisfied with the tone I get, I was looking at the gt-10 more for the wide range of effects and the looping. Yes it is pretty expensive, but the way I see I could spend a great deal more buying individual effects you know? I love effects...lots of delay, chorus, phasing, anything really. I also liked the number of options for the expression pedal on the gt-10. Thanks for the responses!
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