It is a bass tab for The Flaming Lips - Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand

It lined up perfectly in the preview, everything looked fine... I don't understand why it keeps getting rejected!

Here it is:

			     Okay I'll Admit That I Really Don't Understand (The Flaming Lips)

Tabbed By : Matt Sokol
e-mail: ugsokol@gmail.com

This is the intro, up to the point where the bass and drums sync up. The 
rest of the song is pretty much the same bassline with a couple of variations,
usually at the end of each four measure phrase.



Any corrections or comments are always welcome via email.
In case you didn't read the page before the one where you actually write your tab, it says that intros and solos aren't much appreciated.
Either tab the whole thing or suck it up.
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because its only the intro
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The whole song repeats the intro. There's no point in me writing it out fifty times, is there? Also, I've seen lots of other intro tabs - why is it an option if it's an auto rejection, especially considering there are no other tabs for this song whatsoever?

edit: Should I just submit it as a full song tab since that's basically what it is?
Read the first post in this thread and then post in it if you still can't see a reason for your tab being rejected.
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Seeing as the rest of the tab is "pretty much the same" i would suggest you tab it out fully.... if lines are repeated just put in x(however many times you need to play)., as froboarder correctly said, intro's and solos arent really accepted....

Make sure everything is named correctly etc and try again.

Tab questions arent allowed in this forum, so if it is rejected again, or you want more info, PM emad or post your questions here