It's just a 2003 Epiphone Les Paul, but I think it compliments my RG570 nicely. Fills that Page-y void that's been so empty for all these years. I got it for $350 CDN off Kijiji, and the guy threw in a hard shell case, strings, strap and strap locks for free. But enough talk, here's some massive forking pictures:

I haven't changed the pups on it yet, but I'm definitely intending to. Though, the stock pups don't sound too bad (for being assembled by underpaid child labourers, anyway). Lemme know what you think, and any pickup suggestions are welcome (I don't know a lot about what works with LP style guitars):

Here's what it sounds like stock (lead AND rhythm because I'm efficient like that):
Hey could you make the pics a bit larger? I can't see them without my glasses.
that's a pretty good purchase, it seems in awesome condition for a 2003 used product
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wow, I just wanted validation on the guitar, but you guys got everything form beard to white socks.

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