Tomorrow I am going to go check out a used Marshall 8280. Yes one of those mid 90s Valvestate models. I have read lots of conflicting opinions on these but it does appear to fit my needs which is way I want to check it out. So what am I looking for? Well

1. I can play it in my apartment
2. I can also take to do small gigs in the future
3. I do not care about the clean channel
4. I will play something along the lines of punk/hard rock with some metal influence but no extreme metal
5. Fits my budget of no more than $400. It is impossible to spend more than that.

I do realize whatever I buy I might replace in a couple years and I am okay with that but I do need to get something soon. I am not anti-tube at all but since I need something loud enough to play at gigs, I have to consider the cost of a power attenuator into my budget so I can play at home.

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you dont need an attenuator to still have a tube amp sound good, check out line6 flextones, and peavey valvekings.
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valve state is a marketing ploy,

Epi Valve Jr.s, Fender Blues Jr's, and any other low wattage valve amp you can get your hands on.

trust me, it will wipe the floor with valve state

and they'll sound better at cractice levels than the valve state
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guitarbite.fire thanks for the suggestions. I will keep those in mind.

Quote by R.D
Epi Valve Jr.s, Fender Blues Jr's, and any other low wattage valve amp you can get your hands on.

But how would these low watt amps work for gigging? Micing them would not be an option.

I have been looking at the Crate V33 and am tempted to go that route if I can find one in my area to play.