not sure if this is the right forum.
i came across the programme Audacity. we want to try record with it.
im wondering what is the best method to record the drums?
it depends on what kind of set up you have. Ideally to record a band you have a really big mixer desk, with a mic for the guitars, bass, vocals and dums.

Expanding on the drums, one for the bass drum, one for the snare, one for the high hats. one per tom and between 1 and 3 depending on how many cybals you have.

When we recorded, we used 5 mics for the kit, and put them into a smaller mixer thing which we fed into our main one, simply because we didnt have enough slots on the main one. The drums dont sound great, but it was done by some friends, and i think the problem is the EQ more than the setup.
I've recoreded drums in quite a few ways. But I'd agree with what Jimmy said..

If you've got just one microphone you could quite easily just use that by putting it in front of the drum kit about 5 feet or so in front of it (That is just an example, play around with it). Alternatively, I've recorded using electric drum kits, which was each because I've got a usb interface which I can plug instruments or microphones into. That worked out quite well. But basically just use whatever you've got and play around with the methods you have available to find out whats best for you and gives you the sound that you want..
Or you could (with the drummer's permission and assistance, most likely) use a program like Hydrogen to program in the drum parts. It'll sound a lot better than the one mic recording option, and if the drummer either helps you program the parts or programs them himself, then it's still his contribution to the recording.

Sort of.