It has come to the point were i have worked out the mian thing.I'm crap,so i need a few pointers.I've never had guitar lessons and unless i shape up at school my parents will not pay for them.I have £160 to spend on a guitar but am not sure which to get.I would like to play thrash/general metal.What do i need to learn and can anybody give me some tips or websites that would help me.Stuff like alternating picking,chords,tapping,sweeping etc...
Epiphone SG pick one up for maybe around that price with some coaxin down. Best all rounder in my opinion!
I remember when i was like you lolol what i did was i found a very hard song (master of puppets) and just tried to learn it.... it took me about a 2 weeks to get the first riff down which is good because its not the hardest riff in the world to play and it gets you used to riffing...... the second riff on the other hand took me another month to get down and that riff was very hard for me LOL then the other riffs from that song came pretty easily after that intense riff. so just find a song that you want to learn badly and practice it every now and then TRUST ME it works but it will take a while
Well, I'd get a Yahmaha Pacifica 112, it's one of the best in the price range, looks decent and should (with a little TLC) last you the next couple of decades. Not to say, if your musical taste changes, it can cope with pretty much whatever you want. And hey, it even has a coil tap for the bridge, something that I just found out, so that adds to the tonal variety.

Saying that, do you have an amp? You might want one of them, but that won't allow you to get the Yahmaha. So yeah.


And for some tips and things, maybe go for the lessons tab up there, it'll help you getting started out. Just to point out, sweeping will take you ages to learn, so I wouldn't start that just yet. If you're just starting, practise chords, maybe some 12 bar blues, the major, minor and minor pentatonic scales. You can't really go anywhere on guitar without them.

Cam Sampbell's my hero
If you wanna play thrash metal you wanna look in to palm muting, treble picking, triplets, pinch harmonics and power chords