Here's one of my questions. I thought I knew the pentatonic scale but now I've found something that's confused me, easy to do I know but hey.
I know the first one shown on the 3rd fret. I know if you move that up it changes the scale name like e f f# g etc etc but I don't get why there are so many variations for one scale. They are all the same one - G minor but WHY do they have different patterns at different areas of the fretboard?

Oh and also, just like you can slide the pentatonic scale (the first one) up and down and change the scale name, if you move the one labeled '6th fret' up and down does it change the scale name as well (as long as you keep the shape for the 6th fret?)


If you have some extra time and feel like answering some questions over msn pls add me ferinos@fh-clan.net (I'd be really grateful for any help)
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Ill teach you some stuff.

Ill send you some SeXuAl Tabs to help you.

Do you want Bass Arpeggio's (Improvisation)

Or the Pentatonic Scale?
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What's the spoon position?

Well, you begin with a big wooden spoon and a jar of vaseline...
Erm thanks. Bass Arpeggio's?? I know the pentatonic scale so that's a start I guess but anything you can teach me I'll be glad of. Do you have msn or yahoo messenger?