I want to buy a new strat styled body so I can use my old austin's neck ( i personally like it) So where can I buy one for a fair amount of money that has a good tone besides warmoth and ebay?
Stewmac. Finished Swamp ash body for $197.
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someone is selling a NICE quilted maple s trat body in the classifieds for 65 dollars. (look up the title 'wanting to buy strat body' or something along those lines and then skim the posts)

i would get it, it looks great.
Oh gracias you guys. How hard would it be for me to attach the neck to the guitar ? I have no experience doing something like this.
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as easy as tightening 4 screws.

lol, nice answer!
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not that easy
You may need to reshape the neck pocket, make sure intonation is right etc etc.
If you need more info PM me, i dont feel like typing to much about something you may already know
Good Luck!