Basically the Baja has the custom-shop pickups and four-way switching along with a maple neck, as opposed to the Lite-Ash which has SD pickups with a 3-way blade switch and birds-eye neck.
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Oscene nailed it.

As far as what's better, that's for your hands and ears to decide, man. It's preference.
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That comes down to taste. I'd take the Baja, personally. You may find you dislike the soft V profile of the Baja's neck. Maybe you don't need the four-way +S1 switching. Perhaps you prefer the SD pickups?

Your best bet is to just play each guitar and decide, but if you can't then take a good look at the specs and think about what you need.
Genius may have its limitations; stupidity is not thus handicapped.
i agreed, it's down to taste. i tried those two head to head, and they're quite different, it'd be hard to say which was "better". also, from what i hear, the bajas can vary a lot in weight, so ideally you'd want to try a bunch so you could pick a light one.
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