Hey, Ive got a Fender deluxe 112 plus amp that i bought used. It is a 360 watt 4ohm solid state amp with only a singe 12" inch speaker in it. It is incredibly loud and trying to find a speaker cab for it. it does not have a speaker out jack. is there any way to add one in between the amp and speaker? or can i use one of the existing jacks? it has a preamp out, power amp in, and headphone port on the front. Also is there any way to use a 8ohm cab with it?
if the speaker is connected to the pre/power amps with a jack, you can just hook you cabinet to that jack. But make sure your cab is the same ohms as the speaker your using.

Alternatively, if you're speaker +power amp aren't connected by a jack, and it's just a wire, you can cut the wire, and solder on a jack to the wire coming from the power amp, then do the same as before.
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thanks, its got a wire that has a metal sleeve on the end so its removable. Should i cut that and add a jack for a cab for both cab and speaker or add a switch so i can switch?
this is a combo right?

i believe the Preamp out/Power in is simply an effects loop.

i don't see how your amp can power a cab. I would email Fender, as I don't own one and am not a cab expert.

So you want to cut the current speaker cable and extend it to a seperate speaker cabinet? To do what? Make things louder?
the amp way overpowers the single speaker even on low volumes. It is too strong an amp for a single speaker. hoping to give it a fuller sound so i can play well even at lower volumes.
well that speaker was chosen specifically for that amp. In other words, what makes you think getting a speaker cabinet is going to help? Does your speaker flub and rattle? Maybe you just need a new speaker.

i can understand a fuller sound but....

what about the volume knob on your guitar?
the speaker is in excellent condition, i guess i am just mainly looking for a fuller richer sound.
no offense bud as i have a solid state fender as well. Your problem is your amp. Not your speaker, not your ears, not your guitar, not your volume knobs. If you want a nice warm, full, buzzy make your head spin tone then get a valve amp. An amp with vacuum tubes for preamp and power distortion will make a huge difference. You can actually 'feel' yourself playing.

does that make sense?
wow...can you swing this?

it is loud too and heavy as all get out but you would be able to manage your tone to volume ratio better. Especially with an OD pedal as a clean boost. It's a little scratched up but it is def rare and worth every penny i think.

It's a Peavey Classic 50 Custom. $550. In your city. At least go check it out will ya?

Other things I thought of earlier if you don't want to get a new amp would be maybe a volume pedal, Clean Boost pedal or Overdrive (OD) pedal etc so you can stomp the volume up or down but even these are more geared for tube amps.

Fender SuperChamp XD all the way $300 new.