Hey UG. I'm in an inde-emo band called Sleeping On Sidewalks, from Iowa. We have several songs posted on our Myspace page and we would love to hear form any og you. Feel free to add us!


We also love to talk w/ other bands, so if you want, PM us on myspace or PM me just to discuss music or whatever is on your mind.
hey i really like your stuff, your singer is really good. Your music makes me feel relaxed, its really good. I like limitless amatory the most. The lead sounds really good with the rhythm guitar, and i like the stop in the beginning. I like you guys, i'll have to keep up with your stuff. Could you tell me what you think of my band? www.myspace.com/remoraband
Will do. Thanks for the compliment lol, I actually wrote the lyrics for that song. I'm at school lol but i'll listen to your band when i get back on.